Facial Service

Preserve the health of your skin with a facial that will leave your skin glowing. A cleanse and customized exfoliation will remove dead skin cells to assist with cell regeneration. Followed by a mask and face massage that will improve lymphatic and blood flow which will enhance the delivery of the oxygen to the skin cells.
Skin always appears lighter, brighter and more youthful.

Fountain Of Youth Facial60min.
Perfect Customized Peels45min.
Environmental Control Facial45min.$$

Environmental Control


Gently treat sensitive inflamed skin with our calming facial. Our trained aestheticians will soothe
relieve and balance frustrating flare ups for all reactive skin types. Providing immediate

hydration and reducing the appearance of inflammation.

45 minutes

Fountain Of Youth Facial


Fade the appearance of deep wrinkles, brighten skin tone, smooth fine lines and texture of the skin. This advanced anti-aging treatment uses the combination of antioxidants and concentrated vitamin serums to achieve a glowing youthful complexion.

60 minutes

Chemical Peel


Speed up the natural exfoliating process with the use of a single or combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids.When applied to the skin it assists with the natural exfoliation process causing shedding and peeling of the top dead layers of skin. This treatment targets fine lines and

wrinkles , pigmentation, acne and the overall health of the skin.

45 minutes

We have 5 Aesthetician Private rooms

Clients can enjoy a warm and inviting environment with perks like a free visit to the Sauna/Jacuzzi or a full body massage before your  waxing treatment.
We also offer free tea, coffee and snacks to unwind.