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We are Hiring

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Join our team of professional service providers.
Benefit from 8000 Star Spa members

Rental FeesDurationPrice   
Salon StationDaily$30
Salon StationWeekly$195
Salon Private RoomDaily$40
Salon Private RoomWeekly$270
Nail StationDaily$18
Nail StationWeekly$95

Be your own Boss:

OWN YOUR OWN SALON, RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! We have lots of stations and private rooms so contact us now to schedule a tour and reserve your suite. Your customers will love your new location. We offer Free tea, Coffee, Snacks and access to our Sauna/Jacuzzi to all clients.

Commission based:

GREAT LOCATION. You will benefit from a large established clientele, lots of walk-ins and we will help you with active marketing and social media promotions.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the company that “Gets You”. – Founded by a SPA Business with over 8000 members in a beautiful setting.

We are looking for:

  • Cosmetologists 
  • Hair Stylists
  • Braids Stylists
  • Nail Technicians 
  • Manicurists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Estheticians
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • and Other Specialty Service Providers

Key information:

  • Access to your salon suite 24 hours a day / 365 days a year
  • Sell our Retail Products and get 10%
  • Share your suite and split the cost with other salon professionals
  • Active marketing promotions included
  • Rental rates are comparable or less than salon booth rental rates and commission payouts
  • Low Rent Rates (No Hidden Charges)
  • All Utilities Included (Gas, Water, Electric)
  • Private suites available
  • All equipment provided (styling chair, nail table, shampoo station, cabinets, )
  • Decorate your suite however you want 
  • Receptionist Provided During Peak Hours
  • Credit Card Squares
  • Free Washer & Dryer Provided
  • Free secure WI-FI